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Benefits of Planting Lawn Grass Plugs

Zoysia Grass Lawn Grass  PlugsLawn Grass plugs are one of the very best ways to get your new lawn established or fill in bare spots in an existing lawn. If you've wondered how to get a beautiful lawn started or renovated without the hassle of seed or the expensive costs of sod then grass plugs are for you. Lawn grass plugs are clumps of sod with soil and roots that have been lifted out of a stand of grass. Seedland sells high quality lawn grass plugs that have a developed root system and are growing as individual 3" X 3" plugs.

Lawn grass plugs are easier to handle than sod. Our grass plugs are shipped in a convenient plastic tray in which they have been growing. You don't have to worry about receiving plugs that are half dead because they were cut and then shipped the same day. Grass Plugs from Seedland are guaranteed to arrive fresh at your door.

No pressure to plant immediately --- just take them out of the box and leave them in a warm, sunlit area and water daily until your ready to plant. If you don't have time to use them all in one planting, you can leave them in the tray and continue to water them daily until you have a chance to plant them -- within a reasonable period of time. We are not talking months here rather within a week or so.

Lawn grass plugs are easier to grow for the do-it-yourself landscaper. They have a complete root system, just like a bedding plant. Since they are already growing they are much easier to keep alive, unlike when planting seeds where a multitude of variables must be met in order for the seedlings to survive. Some varieties, such as Bermuda lawn grass plugs will establish quickly into a full lawn or cover bare spots in a lawn area.

FAQS About Lawn Grass Plugs

Choose From Four Species of Warm Season Grass Plugs From Seedland

Seedland sells the following high quality warm season types of grass plugs:

Saint Augustine Grass - Zoysia Grass - Bermuda Grass - & Centipede Grass Plugs

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Types of Lawn Grass Plugs Available at

Click on the grass types below for detailed information.

Bermuda Grass Plugs
Celebration Bermuda

Centipede Grass

Zoysia Grass
Empire Zoysia

Saint Augustine Grass Plugs
Bitter Blue

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Pictures of Lawn Grass Plug Varieties

Click on the pictures to purchase that type of grass plug from Receive a 10% discount on grass plug orders quantity 10 or more of the same variety in the same order!

Bermuda 419 Grass Plugs
Bermuda 419
(419 NOT Available)
Celebration Bermuda Grass Plugs
Celebration Bermuda
Centipede Grass Plugs
Zoysia Grass Plugs
Empire Zoysia
Bitter Blue St Augustine Grass Plugs
Bitter Blue St. Aug
Sapphire St Augustine Grass
Sapphire St. Aug
(Not Available)
Floratam St Augustine Grass Plugs
Floratam St. Aug
Palmetto St Augustine Grass Plugs
Palmetto St. Aug
St Augustine Grass Seville Plugs
Seville St. Aug

Note: Color of pictures on your monitor should NOT be used as a judge for plug selection. Due to different computer monitor settings, colors will vary from monitor to monitor. Sun exposure, soil type and fertility, time of year and lawn fertilization will determine the actual color of a grass which may be different from those viewed above.

Seedland Sells Quality Grass Plugs 3" X 3"

Grass PlugPictured on the left, is an actual grass plug sold by Seedland. As you can see the grass plugs are 3" X 3" and are pre-cut for easy planting. Our plugs have an excellent root system because they are grown in the trays which are shipped to you. This helps to ensure a high success rate with grass plugs from

Our Grass Plugs are shipped in two trays of 18 plugs each for a total of 36 3" X 3" grass plugs per order. Plugs are shipped out via UPS on Monday for all orders placed on or before the previous Friday by 10 am. This policy is to provide you with the "freshest" grass plugs possible.

Need to check Grass Plug Order Status?

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*Note that Empire Zoysia is the only warm season grass variety that we sell and recommend for planting in transition zone areas where "cool season" grasses are normally planted (Middle US States / AR, TN, VA, KY, MD, NC). That is because Empire has the most "cold tolerance" of the warm season grass plugs that we offer. All of the other plugs we sell are not recommended for northern US state areas. Please read note below on Empire Zoysia and planting in northern states.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Empire Zoysia may experience winter damage planted in areas where colder winter temperatures occur for extended time (10 degrees or less). States located north of Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey may experience damage - We do NOT recommend Empire Zoysia for these northern state areas as damage may include death of the plugs due to colder temperatures. Many factors determine the survival of grass plugs.

Grass Plug Adaptation - Grass Plug Variety Tolerance Chart (x = yes)

Grass Type Full Sun Shade Drought T. Cold T. Salt T. Zones
Empire Zoysia x limited x good x 7 to 11
Floratam (St. Augustine) x Sun only limited no   9 to 11
Bitter Blue (St. Augustine) x x  limited no x 9 to 11
Palmetto (St. Augustine) x x x fair x 8 to 11
Seville (St. Augustine) x x  limited no x 9 to 11
Bermuda x  Sun only x good x 5 to 11
Centipede (Turf Grass) x limited x good x 8 to 9
Sapphire x x x no x 9 to 11

ZONE MAP - See suggested zones above
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map / Adaptation for Plugs

Use the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map along with the table above to determine if a grass plug type is suitable for your area.

USDA Plant Hardiness Map

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Concerns When Planting Grass Plugs

  1. Planting Grass plugs can be labor intensive in that you must dig a hole or trenches for each plug planted. This job can be made easier by using our grass plugger tool.
  2. It is not feasible to plant large areas with grass plugs due to the higher cost and labor involved -- seeding or sodding may be more feasible for a large area.
Important Shipping Information About Grass Plugs

*Subject to any ship delay caused by adverse weather (rain just prior to shipment)
Orders placed after 10 AM Friday will be scheduled for shipment on the next cycle (2nd Monday).

Important - Shipping Restrictions: Due to state agricultural regulations on soils, we can not ship our Grass Plugs to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, & Wyoming. Due to shipping time constraints we do not ship any plugs outside USA mainland States. (IE: Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, US Islands). There are no restrictions on seeds shipped to these states.

Shipment Dates: Our grass plugs ship seasonally* every Monday for all orders placed the previous week. Orders must be placed by 10 am EST on Friday in order to ship the following week. Occasionally shipments may be delayed due to weather issues (heavy rains result in plugs too wet to ship). Since we ship orders ASAP once they are placed, please order only if you are ready to plant.

*Note: Seedland only ships Grass Plugs during the spring months of February, March, April, and May.  Some varieties may also ship in September and October - Call for availability.  We do not ship during summer months as the heat during transit can damage the plugs. - Growing a beautiful tomorrow!®
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